You’re an established professional. You have a job you enjoy. You feel like LinkedIn has done all you needed – it connected you, it showed you job openings, you saw some interesting postings. But now you’re hired so you’re thinking you don’t need to be on it regularly.

Nothing could be further from the truth! There are LOTS of reasons to keep that LinkedIn window open on your browser and to stay active. Having other employers find you and flatter you with offers is just one reason.

Your active profile promotes your organization. Don’t be selfish! Think of LinkedIn as a B2B tool. Potential clients and partners assess an organization’s worth through their personnel’s LinkedIn profiles. So imagine a potential client checking out your company’s key players to through LinkedIn, and all they see is one job title and the name of a school. That doesn’t instill confidence, in fact, quite the opposite. A full profile with articulated successes demonstrates your company’s talents and vibrancy. It also says that they were smart enough to hire you!

Being active on LinkedIn keeps you relevant! If you’re established and known in your professional community, you want to stay that way. You don’t want people thinking, “Oh yeah, didn’t s/he used to be . . . “ It’s not about promoting yourself, it’s about being a contributing member of the conversation and a thought leader. If you don’t have the bandwidth to write your own pieces, at least share and repost things of interest for your colleagues.

LinkedIn helps you keep learning. There’s a lot of clutter out there. We don’t always have time to get to conferences and some of us don’t have colleagues at our office who do what we do. Being connected to both liked-minded and different souls means they provide us with interesting though pieces and articles to help us keep current, expand our knowledge base, and access resources we might not otherwise know.

So don’t settle in or turn off. Keep connected for yourself and your organization. The time will most likely come when you’ll once again be in transition, but in the meantime, enjoy the benefits LinkedIn has for the happily employed.

Francine Blume is the Assistant Vice President for Career Services at UMUC. She is passionate about connecting the UMUC community to their dream jobs.