Summer’s here, and for me that only means one thing – time to head to the beach! Growing up at the Jersey shore, there’s nowhere that I love more. When going to the beach, there are some very obvious dos and don’ts. And when writing a resume, there are some very “similar” guidelines to follow! In the spirit of summer, here are some tips to help your resume (and beach trip!) be the best possible.

1. Don’t pack too much. Though it might seem like a good idea, it can be a pain to lug everything through the sand. In the same way, it’s common to want to include everything you ever did on your resume. Instead, you should keep it concise in order to focus on your most impressive accomplishments.

2. Wear a swimsuit. It’s important to wear something to fit the environment you are in – just like your resume should be written to fit a specific job description. Tailor your resume to each position, making sure to highlight key job qualifications.

3. Don’t forget sunscreen. Just like you should protect your skin, you should protect yourself from common grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes by having someoneproofread your resume before submission.

Here at UMUC Career Services we would be happy to help you with any of your resume questions.

Check us out and have a wonderful summer!

Courtney Hine serves as the UMUC Career Services Coordinator. She is an expert in all of the powerful virtual career tools available to alumni as well as resume review.