Over 50 And Job Searching Tips

Many mature employees, age 50 or older, approach the job search with a defeated attitude. Prejudice against older workers can still be a factor in the market and workers over 50 should be prepared to convince prospective employers that they aren’t too old to learn new things and they have the energy to work as hard as people in their 20s. Companies are looking for workers who can easily adapt to change, have current skills, learn new things and are technology savvy.

UMUC Career Advisor, Rhoda Smackum, shares 3 tips for those over 50 whom are job searching.

Pay attention to attitude. At times, some job seekers over the age of 50 sense they are being discriminated against due to their age if the interviewer is younger than the candidate or if they do not receive a call back. Remember to assume positive intent with each encounter.

Show flexibility. Hiring managers have spoken in favor of job seekers who share during the interview they are willing to try new things and think outside of the box. It is also advised to express energy and vibrancy. This can be done by sharing the details of one’s personal life such as a passion for hiking or other creative methods to release energy.

Think young. Job seekers over the age of 50 bring a wealth of experience to job search. Share with hiring managers these skills and demonstrate how these skills can be applied to the new position. Also, it is important to share how these skills will allow one to relate to those they will be working with within the company.

For more tips and to tune into the Over 50 and Job Searching webinar conducted by Rhoda Smackum, email careerservices@umuc.edu or call 240-684-2720.