UMUC Mentor Program Connects Students and Alumni for Success

Mentorship can be a great avenue for expanding your professional network and identifying the direction in which you want to take your career. Yes, in theory, having a mentor is a great idea for both your personal and professional growth, but knowing where to begin might be a bit daunting.

To give UMUC students and alumni a platform to connect, the University launched an online, career-based mentor program. The UMUC Mentor Program provides opportunities for UMUC students and alumni to connect with alumni mentors and industry professionals. Once a connection is established, the door is opened for giving and receiving advice, sharing ideas and knowledge, and even collaborating with one another.

Recently the program hosted its first Virtual Mentor Networking Hour. This online event allowed current mentees and mentors, and current UMUC students and alumni a chance to network with one another while also learning about the UMUC Mentor Program.

Throughout the event, UMUC mentors chatted with students and alumni on such topics as career transitioning and how to climb the corporate ladder. Many meaningful, insightful conversations took place throughout this hour-long event, and we’re looking forward to hosting more in the future!

If you did not attend the event, but want to learn more about the UMUC Mentor Program, please visit, email, or call (855)-278-UMUC (8682).