In Case You Missed Career Week…

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The week of May 23-27, UMUC’s Career Services team hosted an entire week of career events to help you prepare for the job search. Continue reading to learn more about any career events you might have missed and to find links to the presentations!

I’ve got my diploma, now what?
Developing and implementing an effective and successful job search campaign requires, focus, discipline, and a mindful self-awareness of who you are, what you offer, what you seek, and where the opportunities to fulfill that aspiration reside. This webinar, hosted by UMUC Career Advisor Rhoda Smackum, introduces four key steps that recent graduates should take to launch a successful job search. Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

How to Effectively Market Yourself on a Resume
Ever wonder why some resumes capture attention and others don’t? Tired of stock resumes? This session provided valuable tips on how to create a cutting-edge resume that will present yourself to employers in a creative and engaging manner. UMUC Career Advisor Ann Martin provided the insight on the language, content, and overall formatting that can be used to create an innovative resume that will get your personal brand noticed. Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

A Survival Guide to In-Person Networking
In-person events can be a great opportunity to connect with those in your industry and advance your career. While it is true that social media channels can help you accelerate the process of making new contacts, in-person events are important to successfully build your network too. Listen to this webinar to learn:
– How to prepare for attending in-person networking events including what to wear, what to say, and how to introduce yourself
– How to follow-up and maintain new relationships
– Dos and don’ts of in-person networking events

Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

Building Your Brand Through Social Media
How you are perceived on social media matters, and the information you provide to promote those perceptions is even more important. As a career professional, establishing a great personal brand will have a positive impact on your career. This webinar, hosted by UMUC Career Advisor Cathy Francois, introduces you to how to build personal brand equity via social media.  Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

Recruiter Session: HPE, MD Department of Public Safety & Corrections, FEMA, Inter-Con Security
On May 25, UMUC’s Career Services team hosted more than 150 attendees both in-person and on-line at a Recruiter Session that included Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FEMA, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correction Services, and Inter-Con Security at the UMUC Academic Center in Largo and online. The purpose of the event was to connect UMUC students and alumni with recruiters from the various career industries including public safety, information technology, cybersecurity, and emergency management and homeland security.  Recruiters discussed various career opportunities and internships that they are currently looking for fill. Listen to a recording from this event here, and read more about the event here.

15 Things Not to Say or Do in an Interview
A leading career expert asked top employers, why they didn’t hire the last ten people they interviewed. Their answers may surprise you. In this webinar, UMUC Career Advisor Ann Martin takes a look at the subtle behaviors that may be standing between you and interview success. Based on the book “This is How to Get Your Next Job” by Andrea Kay, this training is intended to show you how to avoid common behavioral pitfalls to make a positive and genuine impression on your potential employer. Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

Career Transitions: Getting Experience in a New Field
Gaining experience in a new field can be tough. This webinar took a look at some valuable tips and insight on getting experience in your new career field. Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

Battlefield to Boardroom: Ideal Civilian Resume
Creating a resume is challenging enough, but it can be especially difficult for transitioning military personnel no matter how long you’ve served. This webinar was presented by a UMUC career advisor and a UMUC alumnus who together have helped hundreds of service members with their military transition. Topics include key sections to include on a resume, how to translate your military experience into civilian terminology and tools to help veterans with resume writing. Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

The Importance of Researching Industries & Employers
One of the most difficult situations an individual can face is taking a position with a company, only to find out that its work environment, financial stability, opportunities for growth and overall business practices do not live up to expectations the candidate was intending. That’s why one of the most important components of any job search is doing research to ensure it is where one can build a successful career. In this session, hosted by Vault, learn about obtaining the important information you need to learn about employers. Listen to a recording of this presentation here.

Rachel Shannon works in the office of Career Services and Alumni Relations at UMUC. She is the coordinator for the UMUC Mentor Program and manages the UMUC alumni social media channels.

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