Prepping for Success at the Virtual Recruitment Session

Virtual Recruitment Sessions are a wonderful opportunity for you to meet a number of potential employers in one single place, expand your network, and learn more about potential employment opportunities. The advantage of virtual recruitment sessions is the accessibility. You can live anywhere in the world and access numerous job possibilities. To ensure success, attendees will need to put their best foot forward and prepare in advance.

Know Your Goals
It is a good idea to think about why you want to attend the Virtual Recruitment Session. Are you interested in learning more about the company? Do you want to gain a better understanding about the open positions? A candidate who can clearly articulate their purpose and goals for attending the session will convey to employers their career goals, their drive, and their passion.

Identify Companies/Agencies and Research
One of the most important steps in the preparation process is spending time learning and researching about the employers who will be participating.  Take a look at each employer and note the reasons why you want to work for that company and how you are a good fit. You should be able to answer, “What unique qualities stand out about that employer?”

Tailor Your Resume
When attending a Virtual Recruitment Session you have the option of submitting your resume when you register. This is a good way for the recruiter to remember you and jot down notes about the conversation. To assist in this process, please feel free to use Resunate, a web-based software program that allows you to upload your resume and automatically evaluate and improve it based on the job description that you provide.

  • Previous Resunate Users– Go to: and sign-on using the username and password you created.
  • New Resunate Users – Click here to submit the online request form to create a free Resunate.  Check your inbox (or SPAM) for an email from Resunate with your username and password.

Prepare a Written Elevator Pitch
Remember since you will be meeting with employers primarily through messengers and chats, perfection in written communication should be your top priority. A written elevator pitch provides a brief introduction of yourself, your educational/professional background and what you are looking for. It should be brief and to the point. For example: “Hi, my name is_______. I am a graduate/student/alumni from UMUC. I have done some research on your company and I am interested in the ________ position.

Remember to write in full sentences. Avoid slang and emoticons. Have a few questions prepared for each recruiter to take advantage of the time you have to build rapport with them.

Register for the Virtual Recruitment Session
You will be required to register in advance and upload a resume as part of creating your profile online. While logged into the platform, you can view the names of the companies attending the fair.

Following Up
When you attend a Virtual Recruiter Session, you will be able to easily follow up with the recruiters you speak to. Most of them will give you their contact information so that you can easily email them to follow up on both the job opportunities you applied to and also future opportunities.  After the Virtual Recruiter Session, write a targeted thank you letter. Reiterate your interest and why you are a good candidate. Enclose another copy of your resume.

To learn more about UMUC’s Virtual Recruiter Session featuring AT&T, BAE Systems, and Bluesky Innovative Solutions and to register for the event on December 13, click here.

To learn more about UMUC’s Office of Career Services and to check out additional career resources, log into CareerQuest today. Contact us at or 240-684-2720 if you need any assistance.

Rhoda Smackum is an associate certified career coach and global career development facilitator. Her areas of expertise include career coaching, career transition, career exploration, working with special populations, job search strategizing, and supervision. Before joining UMUC, she was a manager in the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program sponsored by the Department of Defense. Her focus was supervising career advisors and counselors providing telephonic education and career services and resources for spouses of active-duty military service members worldwide. She also previously worked with students at Prince George’s Community College. Smackum earned a Bachelor of General Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park and Master of Arts at Bowie State University.