Job Hunting in a Different City

It can be tough to find a job. But when you are trying to find one in a completely different city from where you live, that is particularly challenging. So what are the strategies to finding a job in a new city, even before you get there? We spoke with Frank Siano of Vault for some insights.

Step one: Research! Research! Research! Find out what companies have openings in your career field, find out who is hiring, and find out about their reputations. Vault is a great place to start. Research companies to learn more about the company culture, the quality of life, and interview tips and questions. You can also use Vault to research locations and cost of living. Other sites to visit for additional research include Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and UMUC’s CareerQuest.

Keep in mind that UMUC has alumni all over the world. You can reach out to one of UMUC’s mentors for a “speed mentoring” session, which is similar to a 30-minute informational interview. Usually, informational interviews are about someone’s profession or about the company where they work, but you can also reach out to mentors to find out more about the city where you plan to move. They can tell you a little bit more about cost of living, how competitive the job market is, and possibly be able to introduce you to some of their network to help you with your professional goals.

Step two: Identify career opportunities. Visit the online job board in UMUC’s CareerQuest for positions located throughout the country. Other job posting sites include:, USAjobs (for federal opportunities), state government job boards, and (for nonprofit jobs). Perhaps one of the best strategies to find opportunities is networking. Again, use the mentors that you connect with through UMUC’s CareerQuest and network with even more UMUC alumni through the UMUC Alumni LinkedIn group. Make sure your profile is current and up-to-date on both of these platforms.

Step three: Apply. Do not forget all the terrific resume and interviewing tools housed in CareerQuest. If you have never created a resume before, start with CareerQuest’s resume builder. Use Resunate to tailor your resume to each job you are applying to, and then use VMock for the final polish.

Before you interview, you will want to try Quinncia to practice your interview skills. Upload a PDF of your resume and the tool will ask you questions based on your specific resume, and will give you feedback on the content of your answers, facial expressions, body language, and tone. Make sure you utilize these tools so your application and interviews are as strong as possible.

Step four: Pay it forward. Once you move to your new city and get your new job, know that there are other folks in the same boat as you. So make yourself available as a mentor, get involved with the UMUC Alumni LinkedIn group, and most importantly, post open positions from your current and previous employers on CareerQuest—it is a great way to share opportunities with your community and a great way to find talent!

While it can be tough to find a position in another city or state, the nature of work is changing and employers realize that their top candidates might not be local. By targeting the right positions and putting in the extra effort to network and prepare, you’ll be packing your bags and settling into your new job in no time!

UMUC’s Office of Career Services is available to help you in every stage of your career. Contact Career Services at 240-684-2720 or, or visit CareerQuest.

Francine Blume is the Assistant Vice President for Career Services at UMUC. She is passionate about connecting the UMUC community to their dream jobs.