The Do’s and Don’ts of Security Clearances

Many jobs with federal agencies or government contractors require having a security clearance.  A security clearance is a designation by the federal government that provides you access to classified information. Unfortunately, you cannot get a security clearance on your own — an organization needs to sponsor you to even be considered for a clearance. Additionally, obtaining a security clearance can be a lengthy and complicated process.Continue Reading

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

You have a job interview! Congratulations! After the initial euphoria of receiving the call from your target employer, inevitably, nervousness sets in as you begin to contemplate how to prepare for this next step in the hiring process. Well rest assured, because when you receive a call for an interview it is because the hiring team believes you are qualified for the job. Now, your challenge is to prove that you are the best candidate by answering a variety of challenging questions.Continue Reading

Selling Your Military Experience to a Civilian Workforce

If you are a veteran transitioning into the civilian job market, hiring managers will inevitably ask you about your military experience. Considering less than 10 percent of the U.S. adult population has ever served in the military, the chances are high that you will be connecting with plenty who do not know much about the military, and this can make it difficult to “sell” your previous military experience.  Continue Reading

What You Need to Know about the UMUC 2018 Virtual Career Fair

Next Wednesday, March 14, UMUC will host its Spring Virtual Career Fair featuring 62 premier employers. Access a list of these employers and what they are recruiting for here. Recruiters are searching for candidates across a wide variety of career areas and locations, so be sure to study this list carefully so you can best plan your time at the event.Continue Reading

Career Change Success Strategies from UMUC Students and Alumni

Many UMUC students and alumni  pursue their degrees to switch careers, yet this can seem like a daunting task. UMUC Career Services recently conducted a webinar on Career Transitioning, which was facilitated both by UMUC staff and Nick Manning ‘16, an alumnus of UMUC’s master’s of cyber policy program, who is currently pursuing a cyber internship so he can change careers after years of being a middle school teacher.  Continue Reading