Refresh Your Resume to Impress

Are you looking for a new job? Fortunately, UMGC’s CareerQuest has everything you need to elevate your resume and find the next position on your professional journey.  With September celebrating International Update Your Resume month, check out the latest information and best practices from your UMGC Career Services Advising team to ensure your resume is ready to impress to help you land your next career opportunity.

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How to Write a Job-Winning Resume

An effective resume will tell a reader the story of your career. It should not be generic—instead it should be tailored to your industry of choice. Your resume should be clear and should be able to be understood by anyone who reads it. So, how do you write a job-winning resume? Continue below for tips you can implement today to strengthen your resume.  

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Leveraging Career Services to Step Up Your Job Search

The tools and advice you receive from UMGC Career Services (e.g., advising sessions, informational sessions, webinars, and virtual career fairs, etc.) are intended to assist you on your career journey. Career development and career exploration is a lifelong process that is intended to be nurtured and not rushed. UMGC understands this concept which is why they provide lifelong access to career support. Continue below for tips on how to leverage your career fair prep in your ongoing job search.  

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Job Searching After a Hiatus

Returning to work after a break, regardless of the duration, can be challenging. Whether your break was due to personal reasons or unemployment, knowing what to do to prepare for your return to work can boost your confidence and increase your chances of restarting your career. Continue below for five effective tips to reenter the workforce. 

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Five Ways to Successfully Job Search Post-Pandemic

I think we all can agree COVID-19 completely threw us for a loop in 2020. Thousands lost jobs and the economy suffered significantly. Now, as the economy rebuilds, many job seekers are trying to figure out what has changed in the hiring process and how to effectively job search. If you are in the market for a new job, check out these five ways to navigate a job search post-pandemic. 

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Changing Lanes in Your Career Without Steering Off the Road

What is a career change 

A career change is the process of taking on a role that differs from your current work role. There are different reasons you may be considering a new position, but any move requires an action plan and reflection.  

Professionals change careers for various reasons, including: a change in salary requirements, a desire to have a less stressful job, a need for better work-life balance, aspirations to be challenged or acquire new skills, and/or a feeling of lacking passion for a current role. 

No matter the reason you are considering a career change, it will require a strategy and intentionality. Continue below for the four types of career changers and tips for how you can prepare to make the leap.  

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Six Powerful Ways to Rebrand Your Resume for a New Career

Changing careers can be exciting, but a common challenge of many career changers is a lack of experience in the field they want to enter. Sure, they have transferrable skills, but without any direct experience career changers often struggle to demonstrate how their skillset is relevant to a desired job opportunity. Continue below for tips on how to rebrand your resume for a new career. 

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