You Won’t Be-Leaf These Fall Events

Fall is finally here, and the color-shifting leaves remind us that change is in the air. So, whether you want to grow professionally, find a new opportunity, or expand your network, UMGC’s Career Services has something for you.

Find out how to gain experience while working your day job, get the inside scoop on what recruiters look for in candidates, and prepare for the upcoming virtual recruiter session. Continue below to register!

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Programmed to succeed: Alumnus thrives in growing cybersecurity field

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We officially changed our name from University of Maryland University College (UMUC) to University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) on July 1, 2019. News stories posted on the Career Connection blog are now using the new UMGC name. However, because the transition to the university’s new name will take several months to complete, you may still see the UMUC name, logo and look on our website and other materials through early 2020.

Although David Zito loved computer science during college, the idea of sitting in a cubicle all day writing code wasn’t quite what he wanted for his future. It wasn’t until a surprise addition to his undergraduate program that he found his true passion: cybersecurity.
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Finish 2018 Strong with these Career Events

It’s officially two months until the end of 2018! Whether your career goals next year include growing professionally, finding a new opportunity, or expanding your network in 2019, UMUC Career Services has something for you. Prepare to meet with recruiters at this month’s Recruiter Session, tune into a career webinar, and so much more. Details for each event are below. Use the links provided to register!

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Value Added: How Certifications Can Boost Your Credibility

Have you ever wondered if earning a certification in addition to your college degree could help you get ahead in your career? A certification, which is conferred by a governing body, serves as confirmation that you have expertise and credibility on a specific subject — and for some, it can be a career booster.Continue Reading