Achieve Your Career Goals with These June Events

Summer is nearly here, and this month your Career Services team has some great virtual events planned to help you work toward your professional goalsJune will feature a Virtual Recruiter Session, a prep session to help you prepare, and an informative webinar to help you navigate government contracting. For more information about these upcoming events and to register, please continue below. 

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Four Ways to Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

Job hunting in the age of the global pandemic? If you are, you’ve probably noticed that many face-to-face activities, such as the job interview, have been replaced with their virtual counterparts.

With health and safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds, companies are turning to technology to connect with job candidates.

While you may feel comfortable selling your skills in person, doing the same thing via video conference comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some tips to help you ace your virtual interview and land the job.

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Tips for Navigating Career Change

According to a 2019 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people change jobs an average of 12 times during their career. Whether it’s because they are unfulfilled at work, would like to do something entirely different, have been laid off from their job, or many other reasons, changing careers is not uncommon. Whether your career change is planned or unplanned, continue reading below for tips on how to navigate it.

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Career Tools for Professional Development Success

Are you familiar with the UMGC’s career tools available to students and alumni? Whether you are entering the workforce, changing careers, or climbing the corporate ladder at your current job, check out UMGC’s career tools to aid you in any step of your career progression. Continue Reading

Seven Federal Job Search Tips for Recent Grads and Current Students

A career in the Federal Government can be very rewarding, but the process for obtaining a position can be challenging. The federal job search involves a different process and a different resume style than the conventional job search. Here are seven tips to assist you with landing a federal opportunity.

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