On January 21, UMUC’s Career Services team hosted more than 120 attendees for a Recruiter Session featuring Sony, Enterprise, and UPS hiring managers at the UMUC Academic Center in Largo and online. Recruiters from each of the organizations worked with UMUC’s Career Services team to identify talent to fill open job positions at each of these premier employers, and each were excited to participate to target strong job candidates.Continue Reading

How to Network Your Way Into Careers in Accounting & Finance

Transitioning into a new career in either accounting and finance can be challenging, especially with limited experience. UMUC’s Career Advising Specialist Cathy Francois recently shared some tips and strategies for making this transition smooth  in her webinar titled How to Network Your Way Into Careers in Accounting & Finance.Continue Reading


Networking Isn’t a Four Letter Word.

Networking can be hard. When I was a kid, no one told me that I would grow up and have to go into these rooms with other people who would throw these little stiff pieces of paper at me and then expect me to call them. I missed out on the class where they told me that I would have to go to these events to have awkward moments in the name of becoming a better business person. Truthfully, maybe if I had been warned, I might not have gone. But, the other truth is that I probably wasn’t warned because most of my teachers didn’t like this “necessity” of business life either.Continue Reading