Network Now: How Year-End Opportunities Help You Grow Your Connections

Just because the end of the year is approaching doesn’t mean you can slow down your networking activities. In fact, the opposite may be true. That’s because the season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is filled with opportunities to expand your network—ripe for the picking.

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Career Tools for Professional Development Success

Are you familiar with the UMGC’s career tools available to students and alumni? Whether you are entering the workforce, changing careers, or climbing the corporate ladder at your current job, check out UMGC’s career tools to aid you in any step of your career progression. Continue Reading

You Won’t Be-Leaf These Fall Events

Fall is finally here, and the color-shifting leaves remind us that change is in the air. So, whether you want to grow professionally, find a new opportunity, or expand your network, UMGC’s Career Services has something for you.

Find out how to gain experience while working your day job, get the inside scoop on what recruiters look for in candidates, and prepare for the upcoming virtual recruiter session. Continue below to register!

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Keep your Career Momentum Going with These Upcoming Events

You’ve been working hard to achieve your 2019 career goals, and now is a great time to check in on your progress! To help you stay on track, your UMUC Career Services has a lot of great upcoming career events for you to attend. Learn how to navigate the federal government hiring process, how to get experience while keeping your day job, how recruiters make their hiring decisions, and more. Continue below for more information and to register.  

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