January Events to Jumpstart Your Federal Job Search

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to secure a federal employment opportunity, then join your UMUC Career Services team in January to for a number of career events focused on preparing for the federal job search and application process. Check out the details for each event below, and use the links provided to register!Continue Reading

Tips for Job Seekers Over 50


Companies are looking for workers who can easily adapt to change, have current skills, learn new things and are technology savvy. Whether you are currently employed, unemployed, or making a career transition, you can expedite your job search and increase your chances of landing a job by focusing more on the value of your experience rather than your age. Below are a few tips seasoned job seekers can implement to improve their success rate.Continue Reading

How to Secure Entry-Level Jobs and Internships with the Federal Government

If you would like to obtain professional work experience and you are interested in working for the federal government, then the Pathways Program may be a career opportunity for you!  “Pathways” describes the three primary ways that students and recent graduates can receive internship or entry-level experience with the federal government.  The three programs within Pathways are:Continue Reading

Get Your Resume Ready

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all resume.  Today more than ever, it is important that you are strategic in your messaging and content.  Employers higher for specific needs.  Therefore, you must understand the type of job you are looking for and the skill sets the job requires so you can address the needs of the marketplace and of the position.Continue Reading